Customer Identity & Access Management

Digital trust starts with security

As experienced digital identity experts, we ensure this trust for you and your customers.
We support you end-to-end from the digital transformation strategy to successful implementation. With our specialists, we cover the entire project cycle - from high-level requirements analysis, usability fine-tuning and agile development to successful go-live and maintenance.

Digital Identity

Essential for modern businesses

Digital identity encompasses all basic digital elements that relate to and identify individuals or organizations. Some call it Customer Identity & Access Management or CIAM, we call it Digital Identity. The possibilities of digital identity are endless - plan your future with us!

Indispensable? Why?

    Nowadays, companies interact with their customers in many different ways. Due to the ever faster progressing digitization, digital customer experiences are more important than ever for the success of a company. Digital identity provides the basis for using this potential and securing you clear competitive advantages.


    With the concepts of Digital Identity, you can offer your customers individual services and products via various channels. This not only means lower costs for you, but increased customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.


    Don't want to give hackers a chance? Of course, digital identity also includes the best practices for IT security and data protection, so that your customers always have a secure feeling.


Versatile, but one goal: customer satisfaction

Identity proofing

  • Verification of identities using state-of-the-art technologies - online banking, video, cell phone signature.
  • Single Sign On

  • One user account for all services
  • Multi-channel support
  • SAML, OpenID Connect/OAuth 2, CAS
  • Self Service

  • Design of practical administration options
  • Consent management
  • 360° Security

  • Secure authentication (MFA, adaptive,…)
  • Fraud prevention through user behavioral analysis, biometrics, credential and device intelligence
  • Identity Federation

  • Integration of third-party identity providers and social logins (Google, Facebook)
  • Support for bring-your-own-identity concepts
  • Custom Integration

  • Integration of Digital Identity Platform via standard API
  • Provisioning of on-prem/cloud applications

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